iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Android Development

With millions of users worldwide, the smartphone mobile platform has made the greatest impact in how people communicate and interact with both each other and companies since the World Wide Web! By leveraging both mobile Internet access and applications developed specifically to interact with users in the small-scale environment, new opportunities have been created to connect your brand and business to a world of new viewers. We at Nolasoft have the experience to see your company through the app development process from concept through execution to launch and beyond.

An Interactive Advertisement for Your Brand

Introduce an audience of millions worldwide to your company experience and brand through a mobile app on Android, iPhone, iPod touch and even the iPad. Whether a tool, store locator, or even an interactive advertisement, the Apple mobile platform is a great way to give users a direct interactive involvement with your branding. A single application on the Apple mobile platform can be used across the range of Apple mobile devices, giving your marketing a push to a wide range of users. Let us combine our years of marketing, branding and technical experience to create an app specific to your needs.

A mobile app is a great way to showcase your business and brand to a worldwide audience. Because apps are interactive, full attention is given to your app and its message while in use, plus you can leverage exciting device-specific features such as GPS for store location, Internet connectivity for web updates and social interaction, video playback, connections to social network services like Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Helping You Through the App Development Process

Nolasoft can help you through the entire process of creating an iPhone app:

  • Concept Development
  • Mockup and Design
  • Programming / Implementation
  • Pre-Release Testing
  • App Launch and Distribution
  • Post-Launch Analytics
  • Updates and Enhancements

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