The Angry Cat Simulator

It's inevitable. At some point in each of our lives, we are confronted with the most terrifying of all occurrences - an angry cat. These yowling, hissing balls of rage can strike at any time from any place, even from a pet that was moments before seemingly happy and wanting attention.

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  • Universal – iPad and iPhone Versions Included!
  • Multiple Cats to Choose From
  • Tracking of Past Anger Levels and Stats
  • iOS 4 Optimized
  • Hilarious Animations and Interactions
  • Progressive Anger
  • Authentic Angry Cat Sounds
  • High-resolution Artwork for the iPad and iPhone 4 Retina Display



“My friend’s dog is now scared to death of my iPhone thanks to this app.”

“This thing is a riot. The laughs in the office, and the look on my cats face alone were worth the buck.”

AngryCat Plus Upgrade

For a very small one-time fee ($0.99 USD), you can upgrade AngryCat to AngryCat Plus! With AngryCat Plus. the ads are removed, you get access to Plus-exclusive cats, and you can use the app in both portrait and landscape modes!

To upgrade your free AngryCat to Plus, simply click the Upgrade button on the app menu and follow the prompts.