iFreshener – Shake and Spray!

iFreshener - The Virtual Air Freshener

Ever find yourself in a stinky situation where you wish you had a can of air freshener with you? Tired of the virtual smell from all of the iPhones and iPod Touches that iFart and iBurp around you? Feel like you just can't take it any longer? FIGHT BACK with iFreshener! Simply launch iFreshener and touch the screen. Using its non-patent-pending psychosomatic virtual smell nonenzymes, iFreshener will make you and those around you feel like better smells are on the way.

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Compared to Real-World Air Fresheners

  • iFreshener costs less than the average name-brand non-virtual air freshener
  • Non-virtual air fresheners eventually run out of air freshening chemicals. iFreshener’s virtual smell nonenzymes never run out (so long as you keep your iPhone/iPod charged).
  • iFreshener won’t blind you if accidentally sprayed towards your face. 

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