The Virtual Triangle Instrument

Ever dream of being part of a band? Wish you lived the rock lifestyle? Looking for hordes of adoring fans? Find that you can't sing or play an instrument but are good at hitting things? Then iTriangle is for you! The triangle is perhaps the most overlooked of all percussion instruments, and it's easy to learn! But real-world triangles are big, made of metal, and difficult to take with you everywhere you go. With iTriangle, you can have your very own triangle ready for any musical situation that arises!

Free Ad-Supported App


Great For…

  • Playing along with your family of pop superstars
  • Annoying your coworkers
  • Calling the kids home for dinner
  • Showing the world you are the rock god you’ve always known you can be.


  • Universal – iPad and iPhone Versions Included!
  • Multiple Background Colors
  • iOS 4 Optimized
  • Three Distinct Ding Sounds That Play Based on Where You Touch
  • Realistic Look and Sound
  • High-resolution Artwork for the iPad and iPhone 4 Retina Display

iTriangle Plus Upgrade

For a very small one-time fee ($0.99 USD), you can upgrade iTriangle to iTriangle Plus! With iTriangle Plus. the ads are removed and you can use the app in both portrait and landscape modes!

To upgrade your free iTriangle to Plus, simply click the Upgrade button on the app menu and follow the prompts.