iTriangle 1.1 Submitted to Apple

We are excited to announce that we have submitted update 1.1 of iTriangle to Apple for review to release on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad platform.  This update is for the $0.99 version of iTriangle and not available for the free ad-supported version at this time.

What’s New in 1.1?

  • iPad support!  And not just “plays well as an iPhone app on the iPad”, but full-screen, resolution optimized iPad support.  Plus it’s a universal binary, so existing iTriangle users will automagically have access to the iPad-optimized version directly!
  • Rotation support.  iTriangle now rotates to the orientation of your device, so if you like to ding right-side-up, upside-down, on your side, or reversed, the app will rotate to fit your needs.

Why Only Update the Paid Version?

At this time, only the paid version of iTriangle has been updated.  This is largely due to there being a current lack of good iPad-compatible ad networks at this time, especially ones supporting the ad format and size we need.  This isn’t to say that we’ll never update the free version to have iPad support, but there is no current plan to do so until the iPad ad landscape changes.

But if you’re an iTriangle fan and want an iPad version, the $0.99 paid version is really pretty cheap – for the cost of a McDonald’s cheeseburger, you can rock out on the iPad!

Why Was iTriangle the First App to Be Updated to iPad Support?

We needed to start somewhere, and iTriangle had probably the least number of changes to make it iPad compatible while still retaining it’s core use.  Plus iTriangle has a surprisingly large international appeal, so having it potentially available as an international launch app sounded pretty cool.  But don’t worry, there are more iPad-compatible apps coming down the pipeline.

So, Where Do I Get It? or visit for more info.

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