iTriangle 1.1 Resubmitted to Apple – New and Improved!

iTriangle 1.1 has once again been submitted to Apple for approval.  The app features some additional improvements over the previous 1.1 submission.

This update is for the $0.99 version of iTriangle and not available for the free ad-supported version at this time.

What’s New in 1.1?

  • iPad support!  And not just “plays well as an iPhone app on the iPad”, but full-screen, resolution optimized iPad support.  Plus it’s a universal binary, so existing iTriangle users will automagically have access to the iPad-optimized version directly!
  • Rotation support.  iTriangle now rotates to the orientation of your device, so if you like to ding right-side-up, upside-down, on your side, or reversed, the app will rotate to fit your needs.
  • Background colors.  You can now change the background color of iTriangle by swiping left-to-right or right-to-left.
  • Positional dings.  Just as the chime of a real triangle varies slightly depending on what third of the triangle you strike, the chime in iTriangle now varies based on which side of the iTriangle you tap.  For additional dinging fun, you can also now drag your finger around the screen and the app will chime as you go from one part of the iTriangle to another.

So, Where Do I Get It? or visit for more info.

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