AngryCat Updated to 2.0

Just in time for the holiday comes a major AngryCat update now available via the App Store!

AngryCat 2.0 adds several new features to the app, including:

  • Multiple cats to choose from
  • Updated graphics
  • Animations
  • A new menu system
  • Several bug fixes
  • Smaller app file size while adding more content

With AngryCat 2.0, the cats now get angry along different themes.  Included currently are:

  • Devil Cat (an update on the original AngryCat)
  • Electric Cat
  • Mutant Cat
  • Dragon Cat (Plus exclusive)

We are planning on releasing an update approximately every week or so for the next several weeks including other cats, both for free and Plus users.  We have already submitted 2.01 to Apple for review adding a new Plus exclusive Alien Cat!

Click here to learn more about AngryCat!

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