Future. The Alternative F Word.

Recently launched by Nolasoft:  Future.  The Alternative F Word.

In 2009, five Whyld Girls High School mentors attended the National Service Learning Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN. During this experience, they talked about an important issue taking place in their neighborhood they wanted to change, something they knew they had to do something about: teen pregnancy.  They saw peers making risky choices in their relationships with their bodies as well as 13-17 year old girls getting pregnant. They began to personally think about what choices they would need to make to have a successful future.

As a response to this concern, the Whyld Girls and Backyard Boyz High School mentors have launched their own teen pregnancy prevention campaign: Future. The Alternative F Word. It’s about wanting a successful future… and that starts with making a plan that includes healthy choices for their bodies and minds that effect their success in school and their future dreams. Will you join them?

The Whyld Girls and Backyard Boyz are gender specific after-school programs of Children and Family Urban Ministries. These programs provide safe and supportive environments for middle and high school youth to help them achieve and maintain their academic and personal success. For more information about either of these programs, visit: http://www.whyldgirls.com or  www.cfum.org.

Nolasoft worked with Red Dot Design in development of the Future web site.

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