Lots of New Angry Animals!
AngryFarm, AngryZoo, AngryWild and More Updates!

We have six new apps now available in our AngryApps series for iOS!


Featuring furious farm animals, including an angry cow, goat, bull, chicken and horse!
Click here to download AngryFarm for free for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad


Featuring zany zoo animals, including an angry lion, giraffe, zebra, elephant and hippo!
Click here to download AngryZoo for free for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad


Featuring wacky wild animals, including an angry bear, raccoon, squirrel, wolf and jackrabbit!
Click here to download AngryWild for free for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad


Featuring creepy crawlers, including an angry caterpillar, firefly, mantis, spider and snail!
Click here to download AngryBugs for free for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad


Includes peeved pets, including an angry hamster, hedgehog, goldfish, horned frog and parakeet!
Click here to download AngryPet for free for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

AngryToons Cats

Includes cross cartoon kitties!
Click here to download AngryToons Cats for free for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

All six apps are free with ads and feature are new in-app upgrade system.

What’s new about the in-app system?  I’m glad you asked!  😉

The NEW AngryApps In-App System!

In our previous AngryApps – AngryDog and AngryCat – the apps were offered for free with ads, included a couple of animals for free, and by upgrading within the app for $0.99 (cheap!), the ads were removed and the rest of the animals for the app were the available.

With the new app system, we’ve taken this a few steps further!

  1. All of the animals included with a given app are now available for free.  So if you get AngryCat, you get all of the cats; if you get AngryDog, you get all of the dogs for free, etc.
  2. We are now able to offer new animals via download from within the app.  This allows us to keep the size of the app small while allowing us to offer a greater range of animals as well as add new animals without requiring an app store update!
  3. To offset the bandwidth cost of the downloaded animals, we now have some interstitial ads in the free apps.  When you switch from one animal to another, there is a 1:4 chance of seeing an ad.  When you download an animal, an ad is shown.  If you upgrade, all ads are removed, even the download ads.
  4. In addition to removing the ads, upgraded users now get ALL ANIMALS from ALL AngryApps!  This means that if you have AngryCat and upgrade to AngryCat Plus, you not only get all of the AngryCats, but also all of the AngryDogs, AngrWild animals, AngrFarm animals, and animals from other upcoming apps.  And when we add more animals to the other apps, you will get them too!

We think this new system is a great value for our app users.  We have a few more apps in approval with Apple for hopeful release before Christmas!  Stay tuned!

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