Looking for a Freelance Designer

We at Nolasoft are looking for a freelance designer to help out on some occasional client web projects.  We are looking for someone with a good eye for how modern websites are laid out and should look, and who can translate that into clean, visually pleasing website layouts for web development projects.

We are NOT looking for someone who can translate a design into working code.  It’s more important that you be good at DESIGNING a page layout using tools like Photoshop, that we can then take a build the functioning site from.

Creativity is a must, and we like working with people who both are willing to forge their own path in a site design, but who are also willing to step back and make changes to satisfy client and coding needs.

If you are interested in working with us on design in a freelance capacity, please send an email to including your background and some examples of your work!

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