Premium Spam Filter Update from Postini to McAfee

Due to the upcoming shutdown of Postini, all Nolasoft anti-spam customers will be moving to McAfee Email Protection on Tuesday, September 17. Learn what service enhancements you can expect!

Email Protection from McAfee works much like your existing Postini service – all filtering is handled server-side so there is nothing you need to do on your end for the transition. You will still get world-class email virus filtering and great spam filtering and quarantine. This email covers some of the differences in the two systems.

Daily Quarantine Emails

The biggest change you will notice with the new system is that instead of receiving an email of your quarantined messages once per week, you will now receive a daily message each morning with all messages quarantined in the past day. That makes it far easier to keep on top of messages that have been blocked as spam.

Another enhancement with the new system is that you can now add a sender to your Allowed Sender list directly from the daily quarantine message. Plus you can login to your full quarantine right from the daily message as well.

McAfee Daily Spam ReportAn example of a daily spam report with McAfee.


With the change to McAfee, the URL you go to access your quarantine changes from to This URL is a bit of a mouthful, but you will barely notice it because most of the time you will access the site using the daily email reports sent by McAfee.

The first time you login to the McAfee spam quarantine, you will need to set a new password. Just click the “create a password” link on the sign in screen.


To create or recover your spam quarantine password, click the Forgot Password line on the login screen.

Increased Number of Allowed and Blocked Senders

On Postini you were limited to approximately 150 senders in your Allowed Sender list. With McAfee, that number has been doubled to 300.


Do you tend to receive quite a few emails from companies sending offers that you signed up for in the past but don’t necessarily want now? Another noticeable change with McAfee vs Postini is that McAfee blocks what is considered “Graymail”.

Graymail is defined as “legitimate bulk mail that was requested by the user in the past, but is no longer wanted by the user.” Although Graymail is generally not considered spam, it can represent a significant nuisance to recipients and it often includes unsubscribe options that do not work.

This filter addresses the following types of Graymail:

  • Legitimate bulk email that a user once wanted but no longer wants and is now viewed as annoying
  • Vendors who obtain the email address of an individual and sign them up for emails that the user would normally opt into
  • Customers attending trade shows who are asked to register with vendors to win items. Per the agreement for the show, this results in a marketing opt-in
  • Opting into a bulk mail feed that automatically adds the user into additional, unrequested feeds.

In essence, email sent to your account from mailing lists will be quarantined by default, while the daily quarantine message allows you to easily deliver those offers you want (or allow sending companies that you always want to receive).

So What Do You Need to Do?

Nothing! The conversion will happen behind the scenes on Tuesday, September 17. Mail will not be interrupted in any way. You may have a couple of days where you get quarantine messages from both McAfee and Postini. If you have any questions, please let us know!

What If I Don’t Have Postini OR McAfee But I’m Looking for a Better Anti-Spam Solution?

Let us know – we can add anti-spam to your account at a low annual price!


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