Say Thanks to a Farmer

Recently launched by Nolasoft:  Say Thanks to a Farmer


Farm Bureau launched their Say Thanks to a Farmer campaign at the 2013 Iowa State Fair where they had visitors give tribute to the farmers in their life by signing a giant greeting card.

Sun up ’til sun down — rain or shine — farmers and ranchers work tirelessly to put food on our tables and clothes on our backs. These unsung heroes have earned our gratitude. That’s why we pay tribute to them with our giant greeting card.

The Say Thanks to a Farmer website built on this card displaying portions of it online while also allowing visitors to Say Thanks via Twitter and Facebook.  Plus the site has been optimized for mobile with responsive layout and alternate images optimized for high-resolution retina displays.

farmer-mobileSay Thanks site on a mobile phone.

We worked with our friends at Red Dot on the Say Thanks to a Farmer website.

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