Energyficient: Revealing a Better Way

Recently launched by Nolasoft:  a new site for Energyficient.

Energyficient - Optimized


Energyficient redesigns and engineers lighting systems with an eye towards energy savings.  In the words of our friends at Red Dot who did the site design:

Energyficient works with companies to retrofit their lighting systems and replace them with more energy efficient bulbs and fixtures. In the process they reveal much more than simply energy savings; they reveal better workplaces, increased employee morale and a host of other benefits that don’t easily fit on the balance sheet.

To tell their story, we used a “Revealing” theme across the site and took advantage of newer web technologies to allow a site visitor to control their own experience and reveal things — on their own — about Energyficient. The site uses newer techniques like parallax, sticky navigation, and curtain effects. All in service of the brand and the user experience.

We are exceptionally proud of how the Energyficient site turned out – it really pushed the boundaries technically in what we can do with branding on a website.  You scroll down the home page and new content is revealed,sized to the browser.  As you scroll down the subpages, subtle animations with photos add a bit of pop to the content, lightbulbs turn on, and the footer reveals with a screen door effect.  It’s pretty cool, but you need to see if for yourself.


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