Cylient: Leading with Insight

Launched by Nolasoft: a new site for Cylient.


Cylient focuses on transforming individuals and organizations through the integration of coaching-based leadership. They created the name “Cylient” – based on the word consilient – to express their intention of enabling individuals and organizations to realize more of their potential through the creation of shared insight. Since its inception Cylient has helped thousands of people to make coaching a way of life.

Nolasoft worked with Red Dot Design on the Cylient site.

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A New Site for Warren Water District

Recently launched by Nolasoft: a new site for Warren Water District.


Warren Water District serves rural families, farms, businesses and communities in Warren, Madison, Dallas and Polk counties as a water utility alternative to traditional rural well water.  They serve over 6700 customers, have almost 1200 miles of pipe, and pump an average of 1.7 million gallons of water each day!

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Central Iowa Tuckpointing: Brick Repair and Restoration

Launched by Nolasoft: a new website for Central Iowa Tuckpointing / Woods Water Proofing and Restoration.

Central Iowa Tuckpoint - Brick Repair, Stone and Restoration

Woods Water Proofing and Restoration does brick repair and tuckpoint services on buildings throughout central Iowa.  They were looking for a basic site providing a contact point online for prospective client attached to an online quote form and list of testimonials.

There were a handful of challenges in implementing this site – the client really wanted to bring their tuckpointing and brick repair business front and center while de-emplhasizing the company name as they felt Woods (the name of the owner) would be confusing to site visitors and searches who might assume they did wood restoration.  To solve this we branded the site as Central Iowa Tuckpointing and registered the domain.  We brought the tuckpointing service to the forefront visually while maintaining the company name in the footer and body text.

The other challenge with this site was the lack of previous materials to draw from in developing the site – the company typically uses word of mouth for promotion and has very few written materials.  In fact, the main item we had to work with was this flier from some time ago:

Woods Tuckpointing FlierWe drew content from the flier, including incorporating the impressive list of references onto a separate references page, while applying a modern clean site design.

Finally, it was important to the owner that the site emphasize their experience and that all jobs are handled by the owner directly.  In the end, both we and the client were very pleased with how the site turned out.

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Splashlight: Better Together

Recently launched by Nolasoft: a new website for Splashlight.

Splashlight™ had a revolutionary idea. They think workers’ comp claims have a lot to do with worker wellness. And that if we consider it all — together — we can do everything better. Reduce costs, improve employee wellness and create healthier bottom lines.

Nolasoft worked with Red Dot Design on the Splashlight site.

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UIG: The Agent Agency

Recently launched by Nolasoft: a new site for UIG.


UIG is an MGA / wholesale insurance firm advising agents of upcoming regulations and providing coverage and comprehensive programs. Started by a family of insurance experts in 2001, the staff at UIG has experience that ranges from a complete comprehension of risk management methods and techniques to specialized approaches in the rating, placement and servicing of liquor liability, commercial property and casualty accounts and workers compensation programs. Today they represent over 40 insurance companies.

Plus, you have to love an insurance-related company that has the sense of humor to put a page for Zombie Insurance on their site!

Nolasoft worked with Red Dot Design in development of the new site for UIG.  

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AngryApps: Fun little angry animal apps for mobile!

Recently launched by Nolasoft: a new site for AngryApps

It’s inevitable.  At some point in each of our lives, we are confronted with the most terrifying of experiences – an angry cat, dog, squirrel, frog, or other animal.  These balls of rage can strike at any time from any place, whether from a cat that was seemingly happy moments before or from a snail making its way across your garden.  BE PREPARED. Use AngryApps to ready yourself for these crazy situations!

AngryApps are fun little angry animal apps developed by Nolasoft for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch platforms (with Android support coming soon, too!)  They’re free, so check them out!

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DeviceID: Find Your UDID, OpenUDID, ODIN and More!

This week we released a new app for iOS – DeviceID!

Every iOS device has a unique identifier (aka UDID) that can be used by app developers and ad networks to reference the device without requiring personal information (like a username or other sort of login).  This may be used by developers for various purposes – for example, we use it when you purchase a paid version of our AngryApps to store a flag in our system allowing you to upgrade the free version of the app without charging you a second time.  

The unique identifier is also commonly used by ad networks to get a feel for what apps your device uses – if they see your ID on an ad request for an eBook reader as well as on an ad from an app for car tuning, they might assume the owner of that device likes to read about cars and show an ad relevant to you.  This is done without any knowledge of who you are specifically, just what requests come from your device.

This past year, Apple began making moves to limit access to the UDID, which prompted developers to start using alternative means of uniquely identifying your device.  The leading among these are:

  • MAC Address: Using the unique address assigned to the WiFi network adapter of your device.
  • ODIN-1: An encryption of your device MAC address to increase security.
  • OpenUDID:  A generated unique combination of letters and numbers stored in memory on your device, allowing it to persist so long as any other app on your device uses OpenUDID, but also allowing it to be “reset” to a new value if needed.

We opted to move our apps to OpenUDID as we like the blend of persistence with the ability for the end-user to “reset” their ID.  The problem we ran into, though, was that for support purposes we occasionally ask a user to send us their UDID – but, unlike a standard UDID, with OpenUDID there were no apps in the app store for easily showing and sharing this info when needed.

So we created an app allowing this:  DeviceID.  And we decided to put it out there for free.

If you’re a developer, it’s an easy way to get the UDID, MAC, OpenUDID or ODIN address for development devices you are using.  If you are an end-user, it’s a unique view into the way you are identifier in apps and ad networks.

Given the state of flux in the ID field right now, other standard will likely emerge, so our plan is to keep the app up to date with these over time.

For the curious, we maintain a public privacy policy regarding our use of the unique IDs generated by client devices.  You can view it here.

DeviceID is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

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Day’N Night Bites: Perfect.

Recently launched by Nolasoft: a new site for Day’N Night Bites.

Day’n Night Bites is a perfect sandwich and pizza menu for convenience store chain locations looking for reliable profitable food service operations. Day’n Night Bites is distributed nationwide, ensuring consistent supply and adaptability to existing relationships.

Nolasoft worked with Mollison Brand Advocates in development of the new site for Day’N Night Bites.  

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Southern Plains Resources: A Better Oil Exploration Partner

Recently launched by Nolasoft: a new site for Southern Plains Resources.

Southern Plains Resources is a non-operating participant in oil and gas exploration and development. They acquire acreage in prospective natural resource plays across the Rocky Mountain region and Williston Basin in the United States, with a primary focus on crude oil.

Nolasoft worked with Red Dot Design in development of the new site for Southern Plains Resources.  

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Corporate Décor + More: Not Your Typical Interior Design Firm

Recently launched by Nolasoft: a new site for Corporate Décor + More.

Corporate Décor + More is a full service interior design firm that has been creating comfortable, exceptional spaces, with a contemporary flair, since 2001. Their portfolio ranges from residential to corporate to healthcare facilities and includes both new construction and remodel projects.

Nolasoft worked with Red Dot Design in development of the new site for Corporate Décor + More.  

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