Nolasoft Email Settings

Below are common mail settings for Nolasoft email users:


incoming Mail Server (POP3):
Username:  use your full email address as the username – not just the part before the @
  use your assigned email password
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Use authentication for outgoing mail – the same username and password as incoming mail.
For best results, change your Outgoing Mail Port from 25 to 587.  This is typically found under Advanced settings.

Note for iPhone/iPad Users:

The way that iOS detects non-SSL email can be a bit tricky, so hopefully this will help if you have an iPhone or iPad.  After you put your settings in, there will be long delay, after which the following message will come up.

Click the Yes button.  There will be another delay, and you may see the same notice a second time.  Click the Yes button again.  Setup then should complete.

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